Dayspring Community  Church        



Dayspring is a place to find spitural transformation in your walk with God.

WE are a group of ordinary people whose lives have been changed by an extraordinary God.

We are an "Non denominational" congregation - a body that transcends denominationalism and embraces the Holy Spirit revelations of all  the disciples of Jesus Christ and a fellowship devoted to the expression of God's love to others.

We search for a better understanding of our faith through teaching that is biblically sound.

We hear the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - of His great love for us and the eternal salvation He offers

We expect the orderly exercise of the spiritual gifts afforded us by the Holy Spirit for the building up of the body.

We participate in personal ministry as the Lord uses His people to attend and comfort His flock.

We have a corporate and personal commitment to prayer and the study of God's Word, the Holy Bible.

We believe in relationship not religion.

We relate to one another based on love and commitment not duty and responsibility.

We are a servant heart striving to show the love of God in caring for, honoring, admonishing, and encouraging one another.

Join us on Sunday's at 11:00 am / Hampton inn 5585 Whitesville Road/ Columbus Ga        














  You are welcome at DaySpring!